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Perception are a very popular manufacturer of kayaks. They have been in the kayak business for over 30 years and are even responsible for the creation of plastic kayaks which have taken the sport to new levels. Perception say the goal for their company and their kayaks is to take people to new places and experience the stress free journeys of a lifetime that only a paddle and kayak can generate. In today's busy world you need to make time to Kayak. We can quote them saying that "Once you're on the water, you'll see your stress fade away, but your smile never will." - Perception Kayaks

What type of kayak should I go for?

Perception KayaksPerception have a range of kayaks to suit different kayak lifestyles. If your relatively new to the world of kayaks and you are looking for some real fun then an open top kayak is a great all rounder. Ideal for fun at the beach, in the waves, or also scooting around lakes and canals inland. Because they are open top in design they are easy to crawl back into should you have too much fun and are also very spacious. Last year I saw down in Devon what looked like a Father, his 2 children and a small dog in an open top tandem. They were proudly paddling along stress free with big smiles. Unfortunately I was busy showing my kids how to fall of a windsurf like a pro so I didn't have the camera with me.

The next step up are their recreational kayak range. They are similar to their open top brothers and sisters but are designed with more comfort and stability in mind for longer periods of use on the water. These come with easy to access cockpits which allow you to paddle or day without any discomfort.

If that's enough perception also have a great ocean ready sea touring range designed with increased speed and manoeuvrability in mind. These often come equipped with super comfortable cockpits and luggage space for the experienced kayak day tripper. Next time you catch a ferry to France or Ireland why not try doing it with an ocean ready Perception kayak. If you do please, please, please send us a picture in to our [email protected] address!

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